Garden Structures

McCabes Construction specialises in creating high quality garden structures. These have become very popular recently. Our clients often opt for a high quality garden structure when it is not possible to build an extension due to space or because this is a more cost effective method of adding space, or sometimes because they just want a place where they or their kids can get some private space. Exterior Garden Structures are used for little outdoor cinemas, gaming rooms for teenagers or adults, TV room, Jacuzzi/hot tub  or Sauna room, music studio, little pub, or office.

Most Garden Structures that you buy from a garden centre are not insulated and are not very strong. If you were inside and fell back against them you might fall through the rather weak walls. And when it gets cold outside, it will get cold inside. If you can only use it when it is warm, then that is a little pointless as you would do better to just buy a chair. Our Garden structures are built to a high standard. They are insulated so you will keep warm, and can keep in the noise, so you can keep private.

Private Garden structures are great as a cost effective way of getting more space, and getting a place that you or your kids can escape to for some privacy. If you would like to find out more please contact us.

Recent Garden Structure Builds

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